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Most recent accomplishment: the development of a Dark Sky Park, for the purposes of preserving the Night Sky, Education and Astronomy!

The Fraser Valley Astronomers Society , is a non-profit organization (S-0022948). It is the societies intention to bring education and awareness to the general public through lectures, slide presentations, mirror making, as well as telescope construction. The society has made itself known throughout the educational system here in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Teaching children and parents alike about our neighbouring Solar System, Sun and the Stars beyond.

For more information you can contact:
Paul Greenhalgh (President)
Contact Number (604)-853-3350

Talks, Slide Presentations and Viewing Sessions
The Fraser Valley Astronomers Charter, is to provide through education an understanding of the Universe around us. Upon invitations from local schools the Fraser Valley Astronomers Society has provided the local school system as well as Home Schooled Children, many hours of talks and demonstrations to children of all ages throughout the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. This Web Site in itself, is designed with the thought in mind that the local area school children as well as parents will have a place to come and find out as much information as possible, with regards to the Planets, Stars, Galaxies and the Universe.

If you are requesting us to provide a presentation outside of the local area, we do ask for an honorarium (minimum recommendation of $75.00) to help with expenses when travelling lengthy distances, which are greatly appreciated! The General Public has enjoyed many hours viewing through the societies many telescopes, especially that of the new 20" Telescope a big hit amongst the viewing public. Watch for annoucements, either here, radio or in the papers for General Public Viewing Sessions!

20 Inch Telescope!
Club members were given a grant from the Municipality of Abbotsford to purchase a 20 inch Mirror Blank and for that we thank them! Upon receipt of the Mirror Blank from Colter Optic's, the club members enthusiastically went to work grinding the glass (44 pounds of Pyrex!). The process of grinding, polishing and configuring the mirror took approximately 4 years to complete! Why you may ask it took so long? The club members working on the mirror could only meet on thursday nights and then only for about 4 hours in (Late) Victor Pollocks basement! And when the Mirror finally reached the configuration stage, it became a tedious process indeed, in which Victor Pollock never once complained! Victor shone through, with his dedication towards the perfection of the mirror. He made it his goal to achieve as much perfection towards a perfect parabolic curve as humanly possible although at times the glass would not co-operate and gave poor Vic many a headache. And to do such a task by hand on such a large piece of glass is quite an undertaking. But our goal was obtained and the 20 inch Telescope is a success!

If you live in the Local Area, why not JOIN US!
You can enjoy many evenings behind the eyepiece of the telescopes! It's time you stopped looking at the ground, and started seeing "Whats out there!

Since the societies formation, the club has turned out several telescopes over the many years of it's existance. In August 2012 the club will celebrate it's 25th Birthday. Many members have come and gone through out the years, some have passed on, but the memories and plentiful and fondly remembered. Many new members find the current members, helpful, warm and welcoming. But the number one rule here is, you get out of it what you're willing to put into it! *Wigglin Eyebrows*

See the Stars and Planets with us or a telescope you have personally purchased no telescope is too large or small. Have fun showing friends, neighbours, & strangers the wonders of the universe!

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